Can i store data in recovery partition of my hp laptop ?


Jan 26, 2012
When I bought my pc I had only 3 partitions namely C(contains installed software's) ,D(contains recovery drive),E(HP tools). I was not able to make another partition so I used paragon hard disk manager to extend D partition by taking free space from c drive and put it in d drive. So that I can use the D drive to store the data safely, My question is if I recover my computer using recovery media that I had created earlier, is there any problem for my data stored in D drive..

500 gb harddik
4 gb ram
windows 7 home basic 64 bit
1gb ATI graphics
If you have space you can use it but normally you leave the recovery partition alone and just store your user files on the C drive and backup all important data regularly on a second storage device. If you read this section of the forum it is full of posts from people asking how to recover their Data after the drive with their only copy failed!
Like Rolli says you don't want to try to write anything to the recovery partition you will likely corrupt the data and if you ever need to reload your O/S you'll be out of luck. Get a USB external drive and back up to that.