Can i store data in recovery partition on my hp laptop


Jan 26, 2012
When I bought my pc I had only 3 partitions namely C(contains installed softwares) ,D(contains recovery drive),E(HP tools). I was not able to make another partition so I used paragon hard disk manager to extend D partition by taking free space from c drive and put it in d drive. So that I can use the D drive to store the data safely, My question is if I recover my computer using recovery media that I had created earlier, is there any problem for my data stored in D drive..

Intel Core i3 processor
4 gb ram
500 gb hard disk
windows 7 home basic 64 bit
1 gb ATI graphics

You can, but I would not.
Did you make the backup media to restore your system in case it fails?
Why not just re-size C to hold all your data? (Frequent Backups are a good practice if the data is important to you.)
Or add another HDD for data storage?