Can I switch from a 6550M to a 6950M/6990M in a Lenovo Laptop?


Jul 9, 2011
As the titles says, is it possible to switch video cards in a Lenovo Y460p laptop?

I am very experienced with desktops, but I am just getting into laptops.

From PC Wizard 2010, the laptop's mobo has two PCIe-x16 ports which are used by the Radeon HD 6550M and a wi-fi adapter.

My questions are:

Are all mobile graphic cards the same size?
For example, a desktop, low-end Radeon 5000 series GPU that came out two years ago is a lot smaller than a desktop 6990.

Is this the same case with laptop video cards? If this 6500M can fit in the laptop, can I high end 6990M be able to physically fit inside the case (I don't know how the temps would be though...). Are all mobile GPU's the same size (for a PCIe slot).

I also assume that there is no traditional PSU in a laptop...would a high end mobile GPU be able to get enough power? I know the mobo regulates the voltages and whatnot, but there is no big brick with a wattage rating in a laptop....
Edit: from the laptop's specs, it says it has 120W, which is not a lot....

Finally, if a Radeon 6950/70/90 M is the same size as any other mobile card and can fit in the case, in addition to it getting enough power, where would I buy one? Newegg does not sell mobile GPU's.

Thanks guys
Laptops are in general not upgradeable but some have discrete cards, problem arises when trying to buy the laptop cards since they are not in retail and OEM's will charge a fortune and therefore make the upgrade unfeasible because of costs!


I am at least 99% positive that you will not be able to upgrade the video card in a Lenovo Laptop.

If you want a laptop that allows you to replace the video card then you need to go with a high end laptop and verify that you can replace the video card; not all high end laptops have that capability.