Can I toggle between virtual desktops for each screen?


Feb 12, 2016
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I have Windows 10 Home x64, and for my system I have 2 screens connected.

Now, I recently discovered the handy feature of having multiple virtual desktops that I can toggle between to quickly switch between programs.
However, this means that I'm switching programs for both of my screens.
Is it possible somehow to take this to the next level and only toggle desktop on 1 of my screens?

Let's say I'm having a very important window open on my left screen on Desktop 1, and on the right screen in Desktop 1 and Desktop 2 I have programs that I can afford switching between with the shortcommands - is it then possible to only switch desktop on the right screen while keeping my important program up on the left screen?

Meaning if Windows 10 have such feature...


virtual desktops as is don't remember what you had open on them after a shutdown, so they offer limited usage now. Your idea is a good one but I am pretty sure its not in win 10 yet. I wish they were more useful as I liked idea when I saw it a year ago but its not really what i wanted. I would have a desktop set up for different functions, its too much work to do every start up though.

you might want to try this - it may have something like what you want: