Question Can I trust this PSU not to fry my computer? - Thermaltakes 550w 80+ Bronze

Feb 13, 2019
Recently bought an RX 570 while prices are relatively low and is currently saving up for a motherboard, cpu, and ram. However, until that happens, I want to try out the RX 570. Of course, my system will totally bottleneck the GPU but I want to try it out in the mean time. However I'm concerned that my psu (Thermaltake - SMART 550 W 80+ Bronze) is either gonna be fine or fail catastrophically. Ideally, it should be fine because of its rating but that is never the case. The general sense I am getting from online reviews is that it is a lower end PSU and it should be fine but I am inexperienced and I don't know how skewed those reviews are(and my own sense of the quality of these brands in the market).

Will it work? Should I wait and save up for a new PSU? And if so, which one? If it works, is it trustworthy enough to last long term? Any other compatibility problems?

Current Build:
Mobo: Aspire M3470G
CPU: A6-3620 APU
GPU: Radeon HD 7700 series(to be replaced with RX 570)
PSU: Thermaltakes Smart 550w 80+ Bronze
Ram: 12gb ddr3(4x4gb)