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Question Can i upgrade hp 6200 pro MT powersupply?

I have a 1060 3gb low profile card, im trying to upgrade the psu to 400w for the card , the stock is 320w in the 6200, can someone link me a powersupply i can use for this purpose that will work with the stock mobo and still have a 6pin? The link attatched shows the only one i found, will that work? https://www.newegg.com/replace-power-rpsu-d2537f3r/p/1HU-009N-00092?&quicklink=true
No. The one you linked won't work.

The problem with your PSU isn't the actual fitment of the PSU. Your PSU size/ shape is standard ATX. The problem is it doesn't use standard ATX power connectors.
A standard ATX power supply uses a 24-pin main connector.

As @Alabalcho suggested, you really need to open up your PC and look at not only the size of the PSU, but the connectors that go from that PSU to the motherboard.

There's a reason why PC's from Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. are horrible choices due to limited/expensive upgrade paths.