Question Can I upgrade my ram with out voiding my warranty?


I would think not either. If Asus didn't want people getting in them selves they'd put something like that to deter. Asus would still have a record of it's original configuration if it ever went back to them for servicing or any other support claim. If nothing was evident found of manipulating secured components such as trying to desolder a cpu or gpu or anything of that nature i don't think they'd care.
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I agree.

If ASUS didnt want that laptop to be upgraded, ASUS would not have added a sata expansion bay and extra ram slot.

Warranties may be finiky tho. You should contact asus to find out if the warranty prohibits upgrades. Even if the warranty prohibits upgrades, ASUS would have no way of knowing that you upgraded the laptop if you reverted it to stock before sending it in for a warranty claim.
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