Question Can I upgrade the gpu in my Asus GR8 ii

Jan 18, 2020
I have an asus gr8 ii pre-built specked with an i7-7700, 16gb of ram and a gtx 1060 3gb. I would like to upgrade the gpu especially when rtx 3000 comes out but I don’t want to spend so much money on a whole new pc. The main problem upgrading the gpu is the power. The gr8 ii comes with a 230w power brick wich isn’t enough to power more recent gpus and I’ve heard about something to do with dual power bricks but I’m not sure. And then with the power out of the way is there any more problems that I could encounter??? On a side note could buying an e-gpu work.
egpu may be the only way for you to go unless there's a low powered 3x series like in the 2x series right now. Luckily as the technology improves, the performance you get per watt also improves, so wattage limitations don't mean you can't upgrade.


With 230w available, upgrades may or may not be possible as such, many times the gpus in those pre-built themselves aren't full retail equitable. The X800 that came in my factory spec'd Dell registered as an X800 for game requirements, or anything else, but was 192bit, not the 256bit of the standard X800, literally had only 3 out of 4 chipsets working, the 4th had its traces physically cut. This meant lower power requirements from the low wattage psu.

The gtx1060 3Gb has a normal recommended psu of 450w, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was a chopped wattage gpu and an i7-7700T, the low power version of that cpu. Just to make the biggest splash in visual identity, for the lowest wattage usage.