Can I upgrade this pre built?


Dec 24, 2013
Hello! I I have a pre built pc acer aspire me600 --->

What is the most that I can upgrade a pre built pc? my goal is to change parts one by one until it becomes a 100% custom pc. I upgraded from the integrated intel graphics to a GTX 750 ti and even though the computer comes with a 300 psu, i have not had any problems so far.

my next step is upgrading the psu and ram so my question is.

is it possible to upgrade ram, psu, cpu and other things while still using the same motherboard? will the motherboard be able to handle it? or should I replace the motherboard? is it even possible to upgrade a pre built pc motherboard? what is the most I can do with this motherboard.

these are my computer specs.

You can install an i7-3770 CPU into the motherboard. As far as RAM upgrades are concerned, you can get a new 2x8 GB DDR3 RAM kit as long as the voltage does not exceed the recommended 1.5v. You should only get 16 GB RAM if you need it. (You'll need that much RAM for playing GTA V on ultra in Windows 10, trust me.) It's even possible to upgrade to a Skylake motherboard and CPU, but keep in mind that you'll need to buy a MicroATX motherboard and a new Windows 10 license. Upgrading the motherboard will cause you to lose your OEM Windows 8 license. Before upgrading that, though, you should look into getting a larger ATX case so that you can fit in any motherboard, PSU, and graphics card without problems. I took the same route myself by upgrading an old HP pre-built into a custom PC. It took me about two years to do it, so I know how this all works. The only remaining component from the old PC is the Blu-ray drive and I'm still using the same HP monitor. If you have any more questions, then feel free to contact me.


Dec 13, 2012
I personally think you have added the perfect graphics card to get the most out of that machine. You already have 8gb of RAM, an upgrade to 16gb would should you a benefit but the only other thing I would really consider for that machine would be to try and swap your 1TB HDD for an SSD as this would give you the biggest performance boost. Beyond that, if you want to built a complete custom rig I would leave yours as is now and start to build another from the ground up. You could use integrated graphics initially while you setup and then swap your 750Ti into your new rig when you are ready. Because as stated by Joseph above when you swap your board you will loose your windows license anyway and a fresh install without all the Acer bloatware will be a god send.