Question Can I use a 24 pin on an 18 pin and what is layout for the power connectors?

May 7, 2020
I have been trying to boot up the z210 motherboard in my case and I tried using the 24 pin that can be converted into a 20 pin on the 18 pin motherboard. It fit perfectly but when I switch on my psu the lights and fans run for a second and I try to turn on my PC with the power switch it doesn’t turn on. My guess was it needed to be a 24 pin to 18 pin adapter but also was confused about the power switch connectors. I am using a different case with hdd led, reset, and power and I am wondering which pins I should put it on. I already know where the front panel is which is located under the 18 pin. Ive tried different pins on the front panel with each of the connectors none seemed to work. I just need to know if it is the 24 pin or the power switch connectors that is the problem. I am new to upgrading since my pc was pre built.