Question Can I use a 4pin-Molex and 4pin floppy connector to power a GPU?

Sep 12, 2018
Hello there. I am planning to buy the seasonic SSP-300SUG 300w 80+Gold Flex ATX PSU for a Velka 3 case from Velkase. Its an ITX case and this PSU is quieter than the silverstone and FSP choices, at least thats what the reviews say. The problem is the PSU only has these connectors:
one 24 pin ATX, two 4 pins = one 8 pin, one 4 pin Molex, one 4 pin floppy, 3 SATA.

And I want to power a 6pin or 8pin GPU. So can I use the molex and floppy connector to power the GPU if i buy an adapter/adaptor? Its not like I'm gonna put a 1080ti in it. I'm planning a ryzen 5 3600+GTX 1060 itx or RTX 2060 itx.