Can i use a dell reinstal disk on a non dell machine???????????

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Apr 6, 2012

i have had a dell laptop in the past and it came with a dell vista reinstal disk, i tried installing it on a differant pc and it came up with an error saying that its not a dell machine, is there anyway or bypassing the program which searches for the make of your pc.

i saw a thread from 2001 about windows 2K dell reinstal disk.

i basicly said.

when you open a dell reinstal disk it looks for the make of your machine and if i find its a dell machine it creates a file with "+++" in it and if its not a dell machine it will put "---" instead,

the guys on the thread said that if you opened the program which does that in a hex edditor and change the "---" part of the hex into "+++" even though it finds its a not a dell it will still type the "+++" and the instal will think its a dell machine triggaring the install.

would this be the same for a windows vista reinstall disk?????



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The mechanism to prevent users from installing Dell brand Window on non Dell brand computer has evolve dramatically over last 11 years. The method mentioned in that old post of yours is of course no longer working.

Now, Dell installation disk is SLP (system locked pre-activation) and will check with the SLIC table (version 1.0 for XP, 2.0 for Vista and 2.1 for 7) on the Dell Mobo.

You can add the table in a bios mod to make a non Dell mobo into what appears to a Dell mobo for activation.

However, this is hacking and we are not allowed to discuss it here.

Also, any error in modding the bios and you flash it into your mobo, you will brick you mobo.

Now I think I provide enough information for you to understand the risk involve in this procedure to discourage you from doing it.

Buy genuine Window product. You get the benefit of peace of mind.

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