Apr 28, 2018
Hi, I just purchased a Gtx 1080 (dell Alienware brand) on eBay. It has a blower style cooler on it similar to the reference cooler that’s on the founders edition. It gets hot, 82c plus under load unless I change the fan curb making it very loud. I’ve been looking at different aftermarket coolers like the Morpheus ii, arctic accelero iii and iv, NZXT g12 etc but they’re all expensive. I found a gigabyte windforce Gtx 680 on eBay for $50 it’s for parts/not working, that’s why it’s so cheap. My question is....... could I use the Gtx 680 cooler on the Gtx 1080? I’ve looked at the pcb’s for both and the mounting holes look the same, the die sizes are fairly similar (Gtx 680 294mm2 vs Gtx 1080 314mm2) they both have similar power draw (Gtx 680 max 195w vs Gtx 1080 max 180w) has anyone done anything like this? any help would be much appreciated :)


May 17, 2014
I have no experience in removing/replacing coolers for GPUs, but still in this case I doubt it will work. The 1080 and 680 are several generations apart, so there will be many more differences on the pcb's other than mounting holes and power draw (VRMs, exact positions, etc). The two coolers are designed for their specific counterparts, so I personally wouldn't risk it. But if you accept the risks, go for it, you'll undoubtedly learn a lot.

The 1080 is a pretty nice card, so it's probably worth getting a cooler that's meant for it even if it's a bit more pricey, but good Luck either way! :p
You can try to increase case fan RPMs (or adding more) in bios to increase more fresh cool air for the card to exhaust out the back of the case. Not much you can do other than to manage it the best that you can. As mentioned if under 90c you are OK technically but you'll have to do some tinkering to find the happy medium of temps vs noise. You can always just wear headphones, but that's not a viable solution in my opinion.