Question Can I use a liquid CPU cooler with my motherboard


You could, but why would you want to??
The H310 chipset does not support overclocking so any processor you install can be cooled adequately by the included stock Intel cooler.

If you are looking for a case, tell us more.
What is your budget?
What are the parts you will put inside?


May 6, 2019
Budget probably $100

Gigabyte h310m a
GTX 1060
i5 8600k
Corsair Vengence 4x2 8gb 3000mhz
500 or 600 watt psu (I forgot cause I got my awhile ago)


Because you have a H310 motherboard, your 8600K is going to run at stock.
Whatever cooler you have now is probably adequate.

What is your case?
Any decent case will hold a good air cooler which will cost you <$50.
Such a cooler will cost less, cool just as well as a 120 aio cooler, be quieter, more reliable, require no maintenance,
and... it will not leak.

I can not recommend a liquid cooler unless you have a case with restricted space.
Perhaps a better question worth asking is "should you?" What CPU are you even using this with? H310 motherboards don't support overclocking, and aside from possibly looking nice, I doubt you would see much benefit.

And at least as far as "lower-end" all-in-one coolers go, you would likely get better cooling performance while paying less for a 120mm tower air cooler. Air coolers also tend to be a lot more reliable, since the pumps in all-in-ones are prone to going out after a few years or so.

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I5 8600k but I dont think ima get a liquid cooler anymore xD what are some of the best air coolers?
A good modest air cooler would be the $45 scythe kotetsu:
A cm hyper 212 is very popular because of the price.
But be advised it is not easy to install and is not as effective as the scythe.
You really can not use anything stronger.

The best cooler is arguably the noctua NH-D15s about $80.
I'm not familiar with that brand, but being a top-down cooler (blowing air down toward the motherboard) it likely can't compete with the performance of a tower cooler.

If you are looking for a lower-cost tower cooler with RGB, something like a Hyper 212 RGB Black might be worth considering...

It's toward the lower-end as far as tower coolers go, but would undoubtedly outperform that top-down cooler, at the very least.


Oct 17, 2018
Don't buy any cooler until you buy a proper motherboard for that CPU. Buy a low-end z370 board, sell your existing board, then take that money and invest in $30-40 120mm tower cooler. I'd also sell the RAM and get a decent 2x8 kit.