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[SOLVED] Can I use a separately bought EU power cable for my Corsair RMx Series™ RM1000x (UK) PSU without problems


Nov 15, 2017
I bought the Corsair RMx Series™ RM1000x PSU with a UK power cord for an upcoming custom build. Only later to realise that I would be building this PC outside of the UK and would need an EU power cord to be able to actually use this thing.

My question is, does it matter what EU socket power chord I buy off amazon? This is overall a quite beefy build so I want to make sure I'm maximizing the voltage this PSU is supposed to get and not frying any components in the meantime.

PSU: https://www.corsair.com/uk/en/Categories/Products/Power-Supply-Units/Power-Supply-Units-Advanced/RMx-Series/p/CP-9020094-UK

Im not very versed in power supply technicalities so do FYI me.

I found this cheat sheet of corsairs PSUs: https://www.corsair.com/corsairmedia/sys_master/productcontent/corsair-psu-spec-table.pdf

Under RM1000x it says 100 - 240V and 13A - 6.5A. Doesn't that mean a 250V cable would push too much power to the PSU and damage it overtime?
That's not how electricity works.

The wall puts out whatever voltage the wall puts out. The PSU pulls as much as required of it.

The 250V is higher than 240V for overhead. The 13A on the PSU label is for the lower voltage regions like the U..S. and Japan. Because as voltage goes down, current goes up.

What you need is a 250V/10A power cord with a fuse. If you get one that's 13A instead, even better. Whatever. But a bigger/better power cord is not going to "use more power".
Haha from that signature Jonny seems to be the PSU guru indeed.

Would this cable work: https://www.amazon.es/Keple-alimentación-eléctrico-LE32-A457-C1D-C13-conector/dp/B01J84ZPA8
Yes. That is a 250V, 10A power cord. Though it's two meters long. Do you need it that long?

(surprisingly hard to find an EU cable on amazon.co.uk under those specs. )
Well... to be fair, why would someone in the UK need an EU power cord? I can't find UK power cords on Amazon's US site. ;-)