Question Can I use a Y splitter to power a 3070


Jul 2, 2014
Hi guys,

I got given a 1000W Leadex Superflower PSU. I have a 3070 and i7 5960X I'd like to pair with this. The PSU unfortunately only has a single 8 pin PCIE power cable for the GPU and I cannot find replacements online. The 3070 is rated at 220W maximum.

Is it safe to find a Y splitter for the single 8 pin to dual 8 pins so I can power the GPU? Am I right in thinking it's 4 pins ground and 4 pins to carry 55W each?

This would mean I could keep this beastly PSU. Any help would be much appreciated!


No, PCIe 8-pin carries 3 12V pins. Each can handle roughly 60W. Though an 8-pin is typically rated at 150W. 75W would also come from the PCIe slot.

A 3070 that requires dual 8-pins can likely draw much more than the standard 220W.

Which PSU exactly, wouldn't be that hard to find cables for a Superflower, they are the OEM for a lot of EVGA PSUs.
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Can you? - Sure.

Should you? - Definitely not. Your cables will probably melt.

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You know of the existence of modular psu's?
What sort of mystical beast do you speak of?!

But, uh, in reality, I sort of (mis)read OP's post as that the PSU only has the one connection (and my brain did the record-scratch noise with "what the what, now?"). Kind of forgot to think of the possibility of a modular PSU with multiple connectors for PCIe on the PSU, but maybe the additional cables were lost at some point.


Wait, how old is this PSU exactly? 1000W, but only one 8-pin PCIe connector seems a bit weird.

Even a lowly Corsair CX450 comes with a single 8-pin (in the form of a 6+2) PCIe connector.

The OP wrote
The PSU unfortunately only has a single 8 pin PCIE power cable for the GPU and I cannot find replacements online.

LIkely, since the power supply was gifted to them, the original owner did not also provide the additional PCIE power cables.

To the OP:
As others have stated, you do not want to try an use a splitter/adapter if you value your components. If the original owner cannot locate the other PCIE cables, then thank them for the paper weight and purchase a new power supply.

-Wolf sends
The exact reason I do not like modular PSU at all. It takes one misplaced cable sometimes and you need to spend (sometimes) as much as new PSU to get it working.
OP, Is it single 8-pin to 8-pin cable, or 8-pin (on PSU side) to double 8-pin (on GPU side)?