Question can i use any router as a brige?


Jul 6, 2020
Hello there my main concern is not knowing if i can use one router to bridge the wifi and ethernet signal from another one, both of the routers dont share the same internet provider and are diferent models, does any one know if i can?
(i previously made a bridge connection between two routers, different model but same internet provider)
You have to be careful about the term "bridge".

So the most common kinda of bridge that almost every router supports is more commonly called a AP. In this case the end user machine connect via wifi to the device and it uses the ethernet cable to connect back to the main router.

The next type is called client-bridge. In this case the device is acting like a wifi nic card for a machine. It is kinda like the USB ones but uses ethernet instead.

Then you have what I suspect you are asking about. In this case it is very similar to client-bridge mode but allows multiple device to be connected. This is how repeaters work and is uses a feature called WDS to allow multiple device to be connected to the remote router/repeater.

You have to read the fine print. Most routers have AP mode and there are tricks to use any router even if it does not have a special mode. Client-bridge mode is less common but you see it more than say 5yrs ago. The last type generally is called repeater mode but it has a couple names depending on the manufacture. You should in theory be able to connect any brands. The key is to run in repeater mode it must support WDS on both units. This is not actually part of the wifi standard to use this field for this purpose but pretty much everyone does it now days so they are all compatible.

The router either has these features or it does not you need to read the manual. You might consider third party firmware but generally is not recommended for people that do not have fairly strong network knowledge.
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