Question Can I use ASUS Secure Erase on a Kingston KC3000?


Feb 12, 2020
Hello, I am reinstalling windows and want my ssd to be fresh. Can I use ASUS Secure Erase from the BIOS on my Kingston KC3000 500GB SSD? I also have a secondary drive - Adata SX8200PNP 250GB. Can I use the ASUS feature on both of those ssds? I cannot find any information online.
I am using an ASUS B450-E Gaming motherboard with the latest BIOS ( Ver. 5003 ). Thanks for any help!


For an OS reinstall, you do not need Secure Erase of any type.

Delete all the existing partitions in the process, and continue on.

Section II, Step 6 & 7 speak to deleting all the partitions and starting with a clean drive.
Purely a guess.

I'd guess yes. I'd probably try it and see what happens, assuming you direct the erase to the right drive.

But there should certainly be other ways of securely erasing a drive....other than using the BIOS.

Are you intending to sell the drive or trash it? Or reinstall Windows? Or?