Can I use Component Cables with Composite?


Oct 3, 2014

I have this old decoder which only accepts SCART.
I have just gotten a "new" television which do not accept SCART.

Sooo I bought a thingyding which I plug into the decoder. This thingyding converts ( i guess ) the SCART signal to the ( red yellow white ) signal. 3 outlets.

On the tv on the other hand there is this other thingyding which came with the tv that looks like, i dont know, a flail, a audiojack-looking thing you have to plug into the back which sports 3 dangling yellow white and red outlets.

Then the experts down at the store sold me a ( green blue and red ) Cable. ( plugs in both ends ofc ) but once I plug green in yellow which is supposed to be correct i only get black and white tv. The blue and red does nothing with the audio either.

I went back to the store with the cables thinking I needed the correct cables ( yellow white and red ). All I get is some neat dumb story about colored waterhoses and other supercool metaphores telling me it should work and "your tv or decoder is probably broken". Ive also looked for settings on the decoder and tv to no avail.

Im guessing there is 3 options. Either the guy is drunk, he is stupid, or he is actually correct. Which in the last case makes me a real dumb bass.
The cable is bassically interchangable.

The only diference is that the component uses different colors, and has 5 cables instead of 3. The jack is the same, and the physical metal inside the cable is the same. Most component cables are ticker then the old RCA wich is a good thing for audio sources.

Either you dont have rca adapter on the tv plugged in all the way, or your decoder converter is bad.

FYI the TV is just using a 3.5 mm jack with a cable instead of the 3 RCA style plugs to save space on the TV.

If everything is working right then you should be able to plug the red and white into the red and white, and use any of the red/blue/green video ones for the yellow video.