Question Can i use gtx 1050ti on my G31TM-P31 msi motherboard?

Oct 31, 2020
I want to make my pc to be a gaming pc so I decided to use gtx 1050ti for my motherboard

I have 8gb ram and my power supply is 600watss wil it work?
My PSU is ATX and i have intel pentium @3ghz will it work?
LGA775 pentium? Yeah there'll be a HUGE bottleneck there.

ATX is a standard... not a PSU model.

A GTX 1050ti won't probably work on your old MSI LGA775 motherboard... that's because the GPU doesn't have legacy support anymore, only UEFI support, while your old board clearly doesn't support UEFI.

All that will conclude to a complete platform upgrade if you want a new GPU. That means new motherboard, CPU, RAM, PSU... to get a modern GPU working with your system.


That motherboard maxes out at a Core 2 Quad CPU, not sure what gaming you are talking about but it would only be suitable for some low end games and old games even with a faster video card. I would not bother with that system with a video card and just wait till you can change it to something newer than a 12 year old platform with DDR2 RAM.


Apr 18, 2017
Any ideas what cheap motherboard are best for 1050ti?
this really depends on the CPU you want to go with, as this decides the chipset your motherboard will need to have.

As I assume you're on a very tight budget the best option buying new is probably a ryzen 3 3100, although this comes in at a still rather pricey ~110€.
If you went with that you could get an Asus Prime A320M-K for just 60€ and spend a farther 60€ on 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, coming to around 240€. Plus there's a good chance you'd need a new PSU which would be another 40€.
Is that in your price range or do you need to go cheaper?
Looking at your system a full upgrade is needed as ChumP said so I don't think you'll end up under 300€ (before the GPU) for a full upgrade.