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Question Can I use higher wattage charging adapter to replace one with lower wattage?


Apr 21, 2015
I have a Razer Blade Stealth 13.3" Early 2019 (MX150 Graphics). Coming along with it is a 65W power brick.

It seems that the 65W power brick is not enough for the laptop when gaming. Because the battery drains down to at most 85%.
So I looked at Razer's web and I found a 100W power brick for the Blade Stealth Late 2019 onwards.
100W: https://www.razer.com/gaming-accessories/razer-100w-power-adapter
65W: https://www.razer.com/gaming-accessories/razer-65w-power-adapter

Given the specs of each power brick, can I replace my old 65W power brick with a 100W one?
Answers are really appreciated!
The specs for the 100 watt one are confusing.

First...the 65 watt one is 20 V @ 3.25 amps. This makes sense.

So obviously you only need 20V.

The 100 watt one is 5V, 9V, 15V and 20V.
You don't need 5V, 9V or 15V.
....but the specs don't say you would get all 100 watts from the 20 volt rail.
So...I would tend to not try this unless I could get more information.