Question Can I use isopropyl alcohol wipes instead of using a microfiber cloth to clean a GPU's PCB?


Feb 1, 2022
So recently I got my hands on a used 1070 what was pretty dirty. I cleaned up the fans and all of the other parts with the isopropyl wipes besides the PCB itself. I mostly used online to get help & from what I've seen there's nothing mentioning using isopropyl wipes to clean the PCB, only items like microfiber cloth and cotton swabs. Along with that, they're only 70% isopropyl so is that okay for cleaning? Are these wipes safe for cleaning use or should I instead use a microfiber cloth/cotton swabs for the cleaning?

You should be fine. Just don't use that on the plastic parts that your GPU might have since they can cause denaturing/breakdown of the plastic over time.