Question Can I use Jetsons TX2 as a normal single board?


I was going to suggest checking Explaining Computers on YT, but it does not appear that he has reviewed one of these yet. Admittedly, I am not even sure what it is for adding onto, so much as in reference to things such as the Nano, etc.


May 18, 2019
I don't see why not, if you don't mind using a non-standard version of linux (which means limited support), and learning a whole new computing environment.

The fact that you ask that question on this forum means to me that your level of expertise is probably a little shy of what is needed.

That all said, what you propose is a major challenge with only a modicum of reward. What you will get is a lot of knowledge about this board. Contact the manufacturer and request a full set of documentation and an OS download (plus instructions on how to install and run the OS)

The TX2 is a module, plus carrier board. It'll run Ubuntu 18.04 like any desktop PC. Programs though need to be arm64 architecture. They're quite useful as an ordinary PC in the right circumstances. If you want to run Windows on it, then you are out of luck.