Oct 24, 2015
Hi, I want to know if I can use two strips at the same time on my pc. i have an old power strip that is: https://mega-gospodar.com.ua/p1193256220-setevoj-filtr-udlinitel.html
Surge protector 2.5 m with universal power outlets (standard Europe, America, China, Australia).

  • Type : filter extension
  • Connectors : Euro / American socket - 5 pcs.
  • Cable length: 2.5m
  • Feature - each connector is equipped with an ON / OFF button and LED- an indication of the network
  • Overriding cable: 3x1.0 mm
  • Input - 100 ~ 240 V.
  • Output - 2500 W.
  • Maximum load: 10 A
  • Connection plug type: ordinary (euro) with grounding
  • Protection: thermal (varistor), overload, short circuit, impulse surges (lightning protection)
  • Shock-resistant housing
  • Wall mount
  • Color: white.
Подробнее: https://mega-gospodar.com.ua/p1193256220-setevoj-filtr-udlinitel.html

the one I'm going to buy has these specs:

Has 5 port ( All 3-pin socket)Power: 230VCable length:
  • Rated Voltage-100-250VAC 50/60Hz
  • Rated Current-10A max.
  • Power Indicator-LED
  • Loading of switch-1500W
  • Cable Length-5Yards
NEVER, EVER, daisy chain power strips or use extension cords with power strips. In addition, never plug high current draw devices, such as laser printers into a power strip. This is simple electrical and fire safety children.


Agree with the preceding two posts.

No daisy chaining.

And with some of the low end, low quality, cheap, substandard, counterfiet, falsely "certified", etc., etc., power strips/surge protectors that are all too often being sold both on and off line - a single unit of either sort is likely to be risky.

Stay with known manufacturers/brands, look for legitimate UL certifications, and buy from reliable sources. Not easily done in some places.

Keep out of the discount bins!
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