Question Can I use multi-purpose spray when cleaning my GPU?

Nov 11, 2020
I watched a video of Yes Tech City, and this dude loves spraying tap water and "multi-purpose" spray on his GPUs

Does anyone know of what brands I can use? YTC is from Australia, and has warned that the brand he uses is not available in the US, so people need to be cautious of what 'type' and brand of multi-purpose spray to use

The only 'multi-purpose' spray I can find is ones for cars, and I don't think they're what I'm supposed to use; can anyone recommend me any brands?

Alternatively, what else can I use to clean my GPU? (pcb, fans, and all)... just pure isoprofyl?
Are you just trying to get rid of dust? If so it'd be best to just get an air duster if you have an air cooled GPU. No need to get a multi purpose spray. Also a non-abrasive cloth if you want to physically touch any components on the PCB itself. For the PCB if you really want to liquid clean it distilled water also works fine. Just make sure everything dries before putting it back together.
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For the most part, canned or compressed air is the only thing you should use. Maybe a toothbrush to get between fins.

If you want to use a liquid for cleaning, 70+% isopropyl would be better than distilled water mainly because it dries up much quicker and pick up stuff that water might not.
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