Question Can I use soft-ap to share 5ghz wireless connection to my 2.4ghz devices?


Mar 1, 2019
Can I share 5ghz wireless connection with soft-ap to 2.4ghz devices?

Source of internet connection: huawei mobile wifi router or whatever set to 5ghz mode (cos much faster)
I intend to buy a wifi adapter that supports 5ghz and soft-ap so I can use this 5ghz wireless connection also with my main laptop that doesnt support 5ghz
If u se soft-ap to share internet from my main laptop, do i have an option of sharing it as 2.4ghz connection to couple of devices i got that dont support 5ghz

also, what are your thouhts on using this huawei device... i put my mobile 4g 100m internet sim in iphone and got 150m speeds consistently, if i shared it (iphone as mobile hotspot), my samsung phone would only get 60-65m speeds from it, when i share from this huawei device, speeds on my samsung phone are roughly 36m, and max out at maybe 55 on my surface pro... so this doesn't appear to be an extremely good router... i assume it only supports LTE and not real 4g which may explain it... any thoughts? i got this huawei product for 30e used, thats why im using it

4g Huawei E5577s-321

im also looking at this as a possible wifi module for maybe 4 of my windows devices thta dont supprt 5ghz (if the soft-ap option doesn't work as i wish)

any thoughts? are small inexpensive products like this supposed to be any good?

links are to finnish tech stores


With a 5GHz dongle you may be able to set up a virtual wifi miniport, which was very easy in W7 but not as much in W10 like THIS.

You can also just bridge the new 5GHz dongle to the existing wireless adapter. In network control panel, change adapter setting, right click and drag over the 2 and select bridge.
LTE is the best form of so called "4g" systems. Some vendor tried to call hspa+ 4g and it is much slower than LTE. There are various levels of LTE so even that is not as simple but LTE is better than any other so called "4g"

If you really want to use your PC to share wifi you need 2 wifi device in the pc. Unlike a router a dual band wifi device only has 1 radio and it can only run on 1 radio band at a time. That nano things is pretty much the worst possible choice. Those devices are designed to be small and use low battery power. This means they sacrifice performance for small low power. Get one that is larger and best if it comes on a USB cable so it is away from your PC.

You are likely better off buying a extender/repeater. You likely want a repeater that can run in what they call universal mode. This means it runs like a router. The problem is to run as a simple repeater/bridge you need a feature called WDS on the hotspot. Most do not support this.

If you use a pc with dual wifi adapters you can use ICS to do this. it makes your PC run as a router. I would avoid that option since you now must be careful what software you run on your PC to avoid disrupting the traffic passing through it from the other devices.

The best solution would be to find a router or hotspot that can take the sim card from your provider and has both 5g and 2.4g radios.