[SOLVED] can i use the evga 650 gt power supply with the asus tuf gaming b450m-plus motherboard?

yes the 650 GT is compatible or yes i need to obtain the 750?
Both 650 GT and 750 will do great
With motherboard and cpu compatability,you just gotta make sure that the psu has 24pin power cable for your motherboard and 4pin or 8pin power cable for your processor.Anything else is not needed to turn on the system.However if you want to use your pc you will also need a SATA power cable (if you have m.2 you dont need a sata power cable) to power your storage drives like hard drives and ssd's.If you have a gpu you will need a power cable for that,although there are gpus that dont require power cables to run,they just get all the power needed from the pcie x16 slot in the motherboard.Not to confuse you here,both of the psus can be connected to your motherboard.Just dont mistake the cpu power cable for a gpu one.They look similar but every psu cable has a name on its connector so you will easily recognize it.
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