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Question Can I use two graphic cards without sli

Apr 4, 2019
I have galax 1080 and ryzen 7 2600 mobo is Gigabyte B450M
I wanted to take one more graphic card as a multi gpu rather than in sli
I want one card as 3d renderer(using octane renderer or any of the renderers) and other to play games or work something else.
Is it compatible with my current setup
might change mobo if needed


As long as the second graphics card is being used for the monitor you are displaying the render on, and you have designated that graphics card for the application doing the rendering, it shouldn't be a problem.

Multiple graphics card configurations that are used for functional purposes or for adding addition non-gaming displays are used all the time. You will however need to make an allowance for a considerable increase in power supply capacity depending on what card model you are adding to the system in addition to the GTX 1080.