Question Can I utilize Y-fan splitter with my motherboard?

Mar 12, 2019
Hey i've been searching around about connecting multiple fans to one fan header on the motherboard and how it could possibly damage said motherboard if the amps go over the max for that header. I was just wondering with my current motherboard: ASUS PRIME Z370-P II , could I connect two fans to one header, i've tried to find what the max amps output for the headers were in the manual but couldn't, (from what ive read it is usually is 1A). I want to connect one: venturi HP-14 fan and one: be quiet! pure wings 2 120mm fan, together, would that be okey? Also how close to the 1amp, if that is the header max, could I go? 0,6A, or even 0.95A? I just wanna make sure I dont damage my motherboard. Ty for taking your time.


No problem with what you propose. The pure wings 2 120mm fan pulls max 0.12A, and the venturi HP-14 pulls max 0.20 A, total 0.32 A max. I am sure you are correct that the limit for the mobo fan header is 1.0 A. For this function you do need a simple Y-SPLITTER, not a HUB. A Hub (like the Silverstone product mentioned above) can handle much higher loads because it gets all fan power from the PSU through a direct connection to that PSU, and you do NOT need that.

HOWEVER, there is one small factor you will need to check into. The Venturi product is specified as a 4-pin PWM fan. But the Pure Winds unit, even though it shows specs in terms of PWM signal, is really a THREE-pin fan, and that type's speed can ONLY be controlled by Voltage Control Mode (aka DC Mode), not by PWM Mode. So you will need to change the configuration of the mobo CHA_FAN header to use DC Mode (see manual p 3-7, upper right). This node is necessary for the 3-pin fan, and CAN control the 4-pin fan also, so they can share one CHA_FAN header using that Splitter.