can it be done with blown chipset?


Feb 13, 2018
how can you install a new video card if the capacitors are blown on mother board chip set graphics ? since there is no display to see to disable chipset bios, .... there was never a card installed before, so the obvious pre config questions can be left alone. fix 1... pop board resolder 5 caps, remount, install as prob 1 , Is biostar geforce 6100 m9 socket 939 mb a dual layer that would make flowing unsuccessfull ??
2 im all ears...any ideas ?? ... any mc guyver tricks to temp display hack to disable bios ???
I changed many electrolytic capacitors on those old MBs using only a small soldering iron with pointy end. To unsolder old caps carefully cut them of somewhere in the middle and remove so 2 pins are left, than you can unsolder them without overheating traces on MB, us a wick or vacuum pump to remove solder so pins on new caps go in easier. Once you insert them, leave their leads full length, hold soldering iron on each one and than let solder leak thru holes, it will solder to any inside layers like that.