Question Can leaving ta laptop turned on 24/7 damage it?


Mar 15, 2022
If i leave my laptop turned on and plugged in 24/7, will this lead to damage, if no overheating is happening, and the temperatures of all components are normal?
Should i expect damage to the battery and shortened life-span and durability of the battery?

Math Geek

leaving it running is not a problem so long as temps stay in the good range. but keeping the battery at 100% can shorten its overall life span. if it will stay plugged in, then simply remove the battery to avoid the issue.

if you can't remove it, as i know some of the newer models have internal batteries, then when you are actively using it, unplug it and let the battery run down, before plugging it back in. do this as often as you can to keep the battery in the best shape possible. the battery will not last forever no matter what you do. so don't lose a ton of sleep over if it will last 5 years or 4.5 years.

i always buy a second battery if i can when i buy a laptop so when it finally stops holding a charge, i got a fresh one i can drop in :)
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