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Question Can Lenovo 510a be use for gaming pc?

Oct 20, 2019
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Hola, buenos días, tengo un Lenovo 510a y no tengo un gran $$$$, así que me gustaría jugar a Minecraft y juegos para mi hijo de 10 años, ¿me ayudas?

Please post in English:
Hello, good morning, I have a Lenovo 510a and I don't have a great $$$$, so I would like to play Minecraft and games for my 10 year old son, can you help me?
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Lots of folks run Minecraft on lots of basic devices....

Being 10 years old, see if the child in question is content with it as is...

Not knowing what graphics solution your laptop is equipped with, speculating on it's gaming prowess it difficult.... (Some laptops have semi-decent onboard solutions, some rely on Intel's standard integrated grpahics, which is less than optimal past soiitaire and Notepad....