Question Can low ram speeds cause lag-spikes in some games?


Aug 19, 2019
i7-2600k stock
16gb ram ddr3 1333mhz
gtx 1060 6gb msi oc
Deepcool dn650

So ive been playing days gone for a couple of days now and lately i started experiencing some lags-spikes/micro freezes ( even with the settings turned down) and iam curious about what might be causing it? one thing ive noticed is that when those lag spikes happen gpu utilization will drop by 40-50% or sometimes to even 0%, but temps and stuff are ok tho. another thing is that the game uses over 12 gigs of ram and sometimes cpu usage is a bit high ( 60-80%) so maybe thats the problem? Imo its the 1333mhz ram speed and can that be true or its the rig generally? these lag spikes mainly happen when riding a bike tho, during shooting and stuff lags occur pretty rarely. any ideas? iam planning to upgrade to r5 3600 paired with 2x8 3200mhz sticks, could that potentially fix the problem or is it the gpu aswell? btw i have the gpu oc'd and i even tried to run the game with stock settings, still the same,also fps itself is great btw very rarely for it to be even below 60.

dont clown on me for having k version of the cpu on this mb plz, i payed less than 70$ for it and besides that I couldn't find the non-k one. ;((

edit: also tried using vsync and capping fps to 60.
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i was thinking to buy samsung evo ssd until when i realised my mb will make it run with half its speed, as it only supports 3gb/s ://
For many old systems, an SSD can often be the best upgrade possible for everyday use or games and especially for open world games. Running an SSD on SATA 3Gb (SATA II) will obviously only run at half the potential speed, but it's still far better than running on a HDD with half the speed and far lower access and seek times. Just make sure to buy a 500-1TB SSD so you actually have space for both your OS and games.

Faster ram would increase fps, but it would require a complete motherboard replacement for a Z series board and might only get you 10-12fps more depending on the ram speed you buy. The ram might cost as much as a used Z series motherboard; it's money better spent on a full platform upgrade.

Bazzy 505

Jul 17, 2021
the problem you're having is mostly tied to old cpu. Most modern games still seldom use more than 3 worker threads. Even UE does most of the heavy lifting on 1 gamethread with rest used for loading and streaming data to gpu. When you see 60-80% CPU ultilization on 2600K with current games with 1060 utilization dropping to 40-50% what you're actually seeing is the usable cores at max, with GPU waiting for CPU. While you may have a core or two still not loaded to max, the threads can only be shifted to different core, but any particular thread cannot be excecuted on more than one core.

Swapping to faster DDR3 memory won't make much difference, possible gain would have been in single digits considering sandy bridge memory controller. Adding a SATA SSD wouldn't make much sense because it's very much a dead end considering current NVMe prices.

Upgrading to r5 3600 with 2x 8gig sticks you're planning will sort the issues you're having and the 1060-6gb you got should be plenty enough for a few more years at 1080p