[SOLVED] Can M2 ssd fail ? Well it's a Chinese one

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Jun 9, 2021
Hi Everyone,

Need a bit of help regarding my Reinno M2 ssd (512GB) which I bought almost years back from Aliexpress. It was running perfectly fine till day before yesterday when a power cut occurred in my area and unfortunately my ups backup was very low which led to instant Shut-down of Windows. After power came back. I restarted the pc but it didn't boot properly and found that my entire SSD was lost. I was unable to view any of it's traces in neither my Bios menu nor Disk management. I tried every possible setting inside my BIOS to detect my ssd . But no use. So came to conclusion that I have to take a new m2 ssd because it is faster and I should not believe on Chinese SSDs. Currently I have installed Windows on my HDD which is very slow. Now I have multiple questions in my mind before investing to a new one.

  1. If my SSD has been failed , is there anyway to recover data from it
  2. Is there any chances my motherboard does not detect M2 and the port is faulty. How to check
  3. Is there anyway I can fix it now
My system configuration is as follows;
Core i7 7700
Gigabyte B150m-D3H motherbaord
32 Gbs ram
1060GTX gfx card
Reinno M2 ssd( which seems to have failed):confused_old:

my last hope are you guys, hoping to get a great suggestion. Thanks:giggle: