Can malware damage GPU


Oct 10, 2016
My question is can malware damage GPU?

About a week ago malware get in my pc, maybe sound stupid what about I am going to tell you but that was happening.

I am siting in my room and suddenly my GPU fans start to spinning, I checked out on MSI afterburner(i run it as always for monitoring not OC because GPU is OC by manufacuter) and it shows me that GPU is going max speed but after like 5 seconds its back to normal so I neglect that and get back on bed. After half a minute it was again on max speed fans started spinning again and i became suspicious and ran Malwarebytes, and he immediately founds 4 malwares and then GPU failure blackscreen, green lines, standard GPU failure, but then image came back again and I saw 3 cmd consoles doing something really fast and there are no 4 malwares detected but 1, password stealer and I erased it, but since that my image is how to say, for example in games it doesnt dispay objects right box should have clear line edges but on some part of the box line lines vibrate so box dont look like box.

Is there any way to fix that, or my Gpu is fried?

Windows is showing that device is working properly, no frame drops, non of monotoring program shows that my card is bad, everything is ok but still i get that kind of image.

Also to mention that image is very sharp, pixelated, I have to put sharpness to 2(on the scale of 10) to get decent image and when turrning on digital vibrance on in Nvidia control panel it gets even more ugly

GPU is Asus GTX1060 6GB dual OC
Physical damage? I doubt it, but it can play havoc with ANY software. I suspect that it has messed up the drivers for your video card. Go into safe mode and use DDU to clean out ALL of your display drivers. Then, re-boot to windows and download and install the current drivers for your card. If this doesn't help, then you might have to do a clean install of windows, Be sure to backup any important data before that.


I wouldn't think a password stealer can damage a GPU. A mining malware definitely. I wouldn't worry about the CMD windows. Probably related to removing the malware.

Might be a bad driver. I'd try rebooting into safe mode, and if all looks good there I'd uninstall the drivers. Download new drivers and install. Reboot. See how it runs.

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