Question Can Microsoft family work on Chromebook ?

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Mar 11, 2010
My grand kids come from time to time and use my WIN PC. Their parents use Microsoft family safety and the kids ID were blocked from using Chrome browser. I do not want to share PC with them anymore and decided to buy a cheap PC for them. Without thinking about Microsoft family safety, I jumped on to a good Chromebook deal. Now I have a Chromebook and start to wonder if Chromebook will work with Microsoft family safety. The Chromebook can run Android apps. Can I just install Edge on Android and it will cooperate with Microsoft family safety ? If anyone has similar situation, can you share your experience. ?

Math Geek

what programs specifically do they need to run? office is available free online through a browser with a MS account. many other things are also available through a browser.

chromebooks are designed to keep you on all things goggle, using google cloud and so on. there are also android versions of many MS programs as well.

i am not familiar with what family safety is so can't directly speak as to what it does or how to work with it.
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