Question can multiple wireless devices work properly with a USB 3.0 Powered hub?

Jan 6, 2015
so problem is i heard that 2.4ghz does not work well with usb 3.0.. so can i connect multiple wireless devices such as a wireless mouse and a sim racing handbrake and the steering wheel and a also a gamepad all at the same time to a powered 3.0 usb hub, will they all work properly at the same time?? , and i wont be connecting any storage devices to it. :)

Thanks in advance
If the USB 3.0 hub has its' own power supply any problems are not necessarily going to be USB related per se.

The greater concern may be the interference with respect to the wireless frequencies and channels being used. Both with respect to your wireless USB devices and other surrounding wireless devices in general.

Take a look at the wireless specs for all anticipated devices. List them all out and determine if and where interference may occur.

And Bluetooth devices may also cause problems.