Can my amd fx 4300 stock cooler work for my amd fx 8350?

Dec 20, 2018
I recently upgraded from a amd fx 4300 to a amd fx 8350 as my amd fx 4300 bottle necked the shit out of my gtx 1060 6gb. But my main problem is I can’t seem to clamp down one of the clamps on my amd fx 8350 even when trying a lot of force, which isn’t good. I don’t know whether it is the mounting brackets but I’m desperate at the moment and I was wondering whether my stock cooler from my amd fx 4300 could keep up and safely cool my amd fx 8350. I’m presuming not, but would you have any other suggestions for example a cooler that could work and fit. Thanks.
My concern here is that you do not list the make/model of the motherboard. Don't assume you can upgrade to any FX CPU just because the motherboard accepts a 4300. I would not try to use a lesser heatsink/fan with a CPU that generates that kind of heat.