Can my Asus 560ti dcuii (non top) be over clocked safely....


Feb 19, 2011
to the levels of the top version. Is there any difference whatsoever other than subtle changes in fan speeds/v.core to cater for the 70mhz overclock from 830mhz to 900?

I would of bought the top edition but at the time i had no idea there was a difference between the top and non top version, even though the box's and cards look exactly the same apart from two stickers, on with top and the other with 900mhz.


Nov 19, 2008
Depends. Asus dcu cards are known to oc quite well, but it would depend on The individual card as well. Fr example I have two gigabyte 560 ti cards, same bios, same clocks, botch factory oc but one cards vcore is higher than the other meaning difference in gpu oc capability. when I oc my firs card it stays stable at 925 but the second card stays stable at 950 no problem. Increasing vcore is an option but if you really just want to fiddle around for about 50 hz and 3-4 more fps, you are quite able to do so but keep mind, total system power usage increases, temps WILL increase on these cards by a bit and system instability may occur in some demanding titles. Question is, is all that headache worth the minor gain on this card? Hope it helps.