Can my computer run morrowind


Feb 28, 2012
Can I play morrowind with this computer?
Asus Eee PC
Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N450 @ 1.66ghz 1.67GHZ
1 gig ram (can also upgrade to 2 gigs ram if necessary)
32 bit operating system, widows 7 starter

Graphics card details: Intel(R) Graphics Meida Accelerator 3150 integrated graphics
251 MB total memory dedicated to graphics
screen resolution: 1024 X 600

I only want to know about vanilla Morrowind, maybe with an extra program to make it more efficient to run the program by eliminating certain unnecessary textures.
sorry but no its very doubtful
the atom is designed for web surfing doing the odd word processing and playing flash video/avi's... any more than that and your asking for miracles.
morrowind doesnt need a big pc not by a long shot and yours does meet minimum requirements in some respects but the intel gma is what lets it down. it should install but i seriously doubt you will get smooth frame rates...

after looking at the requirements im doubtful but its borderline. so give it a go. it should run but your just as likely to be disappointed as elated...


Jul 9, 2012
Morrowind is a old game, your Netbook will run it, and probably decently well. I have friends who play it on their netbooks, both of which have Intel GMA graphics and Intel Atom Processors. I would recommend you do a google search for "Morrowind FPS Optimizer" in order to improve your experience with the game.