Can my ecs g41t m7 v1.0 support GTX 1050ti or GTX 750ti. And 8 gigs of ram with q9400?

Feb 14, 2018
My pc specs is..
Cpu-pentium e5700
Can I put a c2q q9400?
I have 2 gigs of ram ddr3
Can I upgrade ram to 8 gigs ddr3?
GTX 1050ti or GTX 750 ti?


Mar 9, 2017
1) Yes you can update the Pentium E5700 to the C2Q Q9400 since both are LGA775 socket.
2) You can upgrade the Ram to 8GB of ddr3 ram with no problem.
3) I would say go for GTX750ti since the GTX1050ti is very expensive currently and it might be alot more harder to be found due to the mining issues. Keep the money for when you wanted to upgrade the whole PC in the future.

Good luck and hope it helps you up.


That has a legacy bios. You cannot run 900 or 1000 series Nvidia cards on that board. Any card from the 700 series, like the 750 TI, or R9 AMD series, will be the best cards you can run on that board.

Yes, you can run 8GB of DDR3 on that board with G41 chipset, but it will likely need to be low density memory. This is available, used, through places like Ebay or some of the memory manufacturers who have old stock, but you will not have an easy time finding it because low density memory has not been manufactured for many years and unlike some boards, that will not support newer high density modules.



Nothing you've posted here is accurate EXCEPT for the fact that his board CAN run 8GB of memory AND the fact that the GTX 750 TI will be compatible. In the future, if you are not familiar with the specifics of a particular, especially older chipset, I would recommend limiting your replies to things you actually know are accurate lest you lead somebody astray or into making a poor decision.

His board WILL have problems with 90% of DDR3 memory on the market. It MUST be low density ICs (memory chips) on the modules or it will not work.

He CANNOT run a GTX 1050 TI as he does not have a UEFI motherboard.

These modules should work with that board.

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