Can my graphic Card run fallout 4 with 60fps


Dec 28, 2016
Hi. i have a custom pc with the following parts: Asus r9 270x, 6gb ram and a i3 2120 processor can someone please tell me thanks


Jul 11, 2015
Depends on what resolution and graphical settings you want. If you are willing to adjust settings accordingly, then yes you should be able to hit 60fps in fallout 4, just not in max settings.
No. Fallout 4 is a CPU dependent game. Watch the performance review below.

Joker Productions: Fallout 4 PC Performance Review | 980 Ti, R9 380, 970 Tested

Were it me, the minimum I would do is sell the i3-2120 used on Ebay for $30 and buy a i5-2500 on Ebay for $60. I would also sell the Asus r9 270x for $90 and buy a EVGA SC Gaming 6GB for $270 on NewEgg. That's what I would do if I had $300 to spend. If not then I would spend the $30 difference to upgrade the CPU. There will still be a bottleneck but the sandy bridge i5-2500 is 50-60% faster than you i3. Every bit helps.

Addendum: If you buy a new GPU, then keep the vendor and shipping boxes. There is a chance that the GPU may not work initially but if so, then you can upgrade the BIOS and chipset of your motherboard. Most likely it'll work fine. Another option is you could spend $300 to upgrade your platform to a kaby lake i5-7600k and keep your graphics card. Since you didn't mention a desire to upgrade or a potential budget, I'm just throwing a bunch of ideas at you.
+SRB Since Fallout 4 is CPU dependent, one thing you could do is sell your i3-2120 and buy an i5-2500K off ebay. The i3 would sell for approximately $35 and the i5 could be bought for $85 on the same site. For that $50 difference, you would have a CPU performance boost of 50-60%.

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