Can my Laptop run Arma 3?


Jul 21, 2015
Hello all,

I know this question has been asked a lot of times and it's almost senseless as most should upgrade to a quality desktop or gaming computer. I am working on this but with today's economy it is difficult to get the money together to build my own custom desktop for gaming. So i decided to purchase a laptop so i had a computing device until i had the money to build my desktop.

Here are my hardware specs.

PROCESSOR* Intel® Celeron® Processor N2840: 2.16GHz
GRAPHICS* Mobile Intel® HD Graphics:
HARD DRIVE* 500GB HDD (5400rpm, Serial ATA):

Now i also do a few things to increase the power and performance of this computer and accelerate the hardware i also did a benchmark test on my computer and i will give you some more info on how my hardware is running.

ReadyBoost: I use a 8GB USB drive in conjunction with Windows 8.1's Readyboost option i use the max memory so this gives my a boost in my RAM it adds 4GB more RAM taking my laptop from a standard 4GB of RAM to a nice 8GB of RAM.

Razer Cortex Game Booster: Yes it is controversial software but i have seen major improvements of my games performance.

Optimized settings & more:

Here is the current results of my Benchmark and Stress testing.

Processor: My processor has been running at a solid 2.53 GHz in my Benchmark and Stress testing. and could withstand a stress test of 100% useage at a 1 hour length

GPU: In a Stress test 1 hour in length my GPU stressing was able to push out an average of 60:FPS when the stress test really started kicking hard on the GPU it pushed out a whopping 235:FPS and was able to cap off at that number when the stress test pushed it to 345:FPS the Laptop finally Crashed, Keep in mind the whole time the GPU was stress tested the CPU was stressed to 100%!

Memory: when the allocated memory was tested it seem to perform as good as anything else.

Some final info

Now although this laptop preformed fantastic in Testing i have had some FPS issues with Arma 2 and the Arma 2: DayZ mod, but any other game works fine a good frame rate, from what i hear the reason behind my frame drop in Arma 2 is due to its optimization i have heard that Arma 3 has far better optimization and will run far smoother on my Laptop.

Also my Laptop is Very new Bought in december 2014 and manufactured in 2014

Toshiba satellite C55-B5302

Hopefully someone can let me know if i can run Arma 3 until i can build by desktop and what settings i can run it on, Thanks in advance.



May 14, 2015
I can say that ArmA 3 is FAR better optimized than ArmA 2. However you can get 200 FPS in an empty world on ultra and 1440p (me) Then you can go to a multiplayer mod and get 30 FPS on the same settings. The thing is that the multiplayer mods is very badly scripted, therefor poorly optimized, basically no one gets 60+ FPS on ultra on any of the most popular multiplayer mods with 100+ people.
Also, i think Mobile Intel® HD Graphics: an graphics card in your CPU?