Sep 18, 2019
So a while back i spilled iced tea on my motherboard, then i cleaned it up and let it dry and somehow managed to get it working again. Could this be causing some of the games i play to have loads of stuttering due to insufficient memory transfer or something like that??? My specs are:
GPU - 1660 TI 6gb
CPU - I7-6700k 8 core 4 ghz
PWR - 500w
MB - MSI Z170A Krait gaming 3X
RAM - 16 gb

I didn't have any trouble running games before the spill however the only games it has happened on ive only played post spill sooo no real easy way to tell.
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I wouldn't think any liquid damage would necessarily lead to consistent low performance. I suspect drivers or something else has changed.

Try some standard benchmarks and see how everything is doing. If you took out the CMOS battery while cleaning, you will need to go back in there and set some things.

You could try re-flashing the BIOS just to be sure. Start from a clean slate and re-overclock if you were before.


And I will add the question: what games are you playing? Ensure that your system's hardware and software meets the game requirements.

You can also observe system performance via Task Manager and Resource Monitor. Use both tools but only one at a time.

Observe the system while idling after initial boot, then while doing light work, next while online browsing, etc., and lastly while gaming.

Determine what resources are being used, to what extent (%), and what is using any given resource.

Watch memory to start with and then, if necessary, start taking a closer look at other resources.

E.g., disk drives. Current drives: make, model, capacity, how full?