Question Can my motherboard handle a ryzen 1700

Apr 14, 2019
Yes it will work, however since the 1700 is a 8 core chip Im not sure how much you will be overclocking with that board. You really need/want a X370/X470 board for a 8 core chip.

For future reference almost all motherboard manufacturers have support pages like this
Yes i do definitely plan on upgrading as soon as i can but currently my i5 8400 is not giving me the performance i need when i try to stream at the same time and i thought that maybe this would mb would get me by for now with a slight overclock to 3.8 do you think i could squeeze that out of this?
I see no reason why overclocking should be an issue on a B450 motherboard with a first generation R7-1700.

For example I have an ASRock AB350 PRO4 motherboard with an AMD Ryzen R5-1600 which runs at 3865.8 MHz on all cores with the stock CPU Cooler.
I also run my DDR4 memory At DDR4 3000 @ 16-17-17-35-52-1T with just a simple XMP profile selection.

You could also run a Zen+ R7-2700 or even an R7-2700X no problems but if budget is a factor then the R7-1700 is great for the price they are selling for today.

With that said if you live in the US and have a Micro Center near by you can get an AMD Ryzen R5-1600, 6 core 12 thread CPU for $80 USD brand new.
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Ive just always heard that depending on the brand and board VRM may be a limiting factor with the 8 core chips.
That is usually not an issue you just have to do a little research first to make sure your selected CPU is supported on the MFG support site CPU list.
As of right now my ASRock AB350 PRO4 ATX motherboard supports all first and second generation CPU's and APU's including the 1800X and 2700X on the high end and the R3 and 200 series on the low end. Pro4/index.asp#CPU

I'm currently running a AMD Ryzen R5-1600 overclocked on all cores to 3865.8 MHz with the stock cooler and it idles at 28ºC-35ºC and load is 40ºC-70ºC and its been stable since I built it 15 months ago at that clock speed.
Well i would love to but im currently on a budget and really hsve no choice right now
I wouldn't sweat it...

A better board might allow overclocking the 1700 to 3.9-4.0Ghz range but even that one should allow a safe all-core overclock to 3.8Ghz (just above its max boost of 3.75G) for similar performance to an 8700. I assume your current motherboard isn't over-clockable, needed for an 8700k to make any sense.

When analyzing the value in a computer purchase always consider costs not just of this purchase but costs of future upgrades too. A major cost benefit to this is you'll be able to pop 2nd and even 3rd gen Ryzen chip on this motherboard for cheap and easy upgrades in the future.
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