Question Can my motherboards support it ??

Oct 11, 2020
Hi im having a Foxconn H61 MD ver 1.0 motherboards im planning to upgrade my cpu to i5 3th gen but I saw this mortherboards support 65w cpu and the cpu im planning to buy is 77w so can you guys help me pls much thanks (Oh and don’t recommend me to buy new things because im still a 15 year old kid and dont have monney XD) really sorry for my bad english XD
I do not think it is a good idea to upgrade the CPU on this motherboard. It may work, but you have no way of knowing before you buy the new i5 CPU and try it out yourself. There is no product support page for this motherboard so you can not upgrade the BIOS or drivers.
Here's the manual for the motherboard:

From their product specifications page:
  • Support Intel® Ivy Bridge/Sandy Bridge LGA1155 Processors Max processor power up to 65W
If it's in their manual I'm assuming that a BIOS update is not needed (not that you have the option to update it), since they're saying that Ivy Bridge is supported from the get go.
They're also saying that 65W is the maximum CPU TDP allowed. Getting a 77W TDP part probably won't work on this motherboard due to either it's power limitations and/or BIOS.

To make sure that the CPU will indeed work with this board, you'll have to go with the S(65W TDP) or T(45W TDP) Ivy bridge variants.
Here's a link to a full list:
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