Can my new graphics vard output sound into my tv?


Sep 1, 2011
Hi guys, :)

I have just bought this graphics card
alongside a 32" sony bravia HDTV...
My question to you is...
will i simply be able to hook up my PC to my TV using a HDMI cable and will both video and sound be Output from my tv. i have rang both microsoft and sony and they both say some cards support sound through hdmi cable and some dont. but does anyone know if my card will support sound via hdmi cable please??

Many Thanks in advance...


Yes, in fact, that's what my response was based on, the fact that if you're going to manufacture a graphics card with HDMI-out in 2011, it had better give you true HDMI-out, and I have the utmost confidence in ASUS's/AMD's ability to do so :)
Uh, not exactly...

I'm pretty sure that the audio provided on modern graphics cards is provided solely due to a conversion chip on the graphics card itself that ONLY decodes certain audio sounds.

Sounds that won't work:
1) Windows Sounds
2) Games
3) High-quality audio

Basically this audio solution is meant for playing back movies.

a) laptops, and
b) motherboard with HDMI (if using that output)

Laptops and motherboards with HDMI-output tie into the onboard sound for full audio output.

If you use an external graphics card you are out of luck. I remember NVidia supporting a solution to run a wire from the onboard or add-on sound card but this seems to have been dropped quickly as it was too confusing and didn't add to the value of the cards.

***IMO they should not support HDMI output on graphics cards unless it worked easily and with all sounds.


Aug 10, 2006
Actually an interesting question. I think the answser is 'yes--if' your TV's particular HDMI input includes a separate physical audio cable input tied to that particular HDMI input. This is similar to what one has to do with RGB or DVI outputs too I think. My TV, for instance, has one HDMI configured this way, one RGB PC input configured this way, and two other HDMI inputs configured with no separate audio input.

A second possibility is that your motherboard and graphic card might have an option to hook up audio from the motherboard that passes the audio through the graphics card and out the HDMI.

Your 'problem' got me interested in exactly what I've ordered up for my new PC build later this week. I'm using the EVGA GTX 570 (Fermi) and just got off the phone with them. The 5 series all pass full audio out the HDMI port so I will not have to use a separate audio cable option.

Good luck...