Question Can my PC case shock me with mains voltage/current?

Dec 15, 2019

I am an anxious person and I am worried that, perhaps through some kind of fault in a PSU, my case or the external PSU casing will go live with lethal mains electricity. Hence, if I were to touch my case or PSU, I'd worry about being electrocuted. I live in the UK, where I believe the wall socket has a ground pin and I am also planning to use an extension cord with surge protection.
Would this (specifically the ground connection) protect me from electric shocks if a fault were to occur?
If not, or if there is a faulted ground connection, how can I protect myself/check for faults?

Thank you

EDIT: I also have a multimeter at home if that could help me check
For a PSU to shock you by touching it means that it was constructed incorrectly. If you buy a quality make and model PSU this wont happen. Even the cheap door stop quality PSU would be rare for this to happen, more likely the PSU would simply short out the system or catch fire as its been know to happen.

For a PC case to shock you means that the PC was assembled incorrectly, this is far less likely.

In other-words the chances of being shocked by touching the case or PSU housing is almost none. Not saying it cant happen but its highly unlikely.