Can my PC cut it anymore?


Mar 16, 2004
Hello there,

I have just upgraded my graphics card so that I can play recent games at sensible speeds. I have been very pleased with the performance so far, but I just wondered how well my PC stands up nowadays and whether I should be able to play games like Half like 2 when the come out.

My specification is:

Athlon 1900XP, VIA KT333 Motherboard, 512 meg RAM, Radeon 9800 Pro (128 Meg) graphics, Soundblaster Audigy.

Thanks in advance...


Mar 2, 2003
Well NVidia just released their latest that will destroy your card and ATI is set to release their next card soon (rumour has it May 5th is the day). That's not to say that your card is a slouch, not by a long shot. It should run every game out today very well, most with AA and AF on, except Far Cry.
As far as it being able to run HL2, it should run it very well, but only time will tell. I would highly recommend a CPU upgrade soon, it won't cost you very much, but you should see a pretty good improvement in overall system performance, not just games.