Question Can my pc run these games0

Feb 29, 2020
Here is my Laptop Specs
Intel UHD Graphics 600
Intel Celeron N4000
4GB Ram
Windows 10 Home 64Bit
Can my laptop run any of these games at low settings

Grand Theft Auto IV
Far Cry 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Unreal Tournament 2004
Quake IV
Doom 3
What about the lowest settings
My answer is no

You can try but that is not a gaming laptop and I expect the experience will be very poor and unplayable. You don’t have a dedicated graphics card, only the onboard cpu graphics. The cpu itself is very weak and 4GB RAM is barely enough to run Windows. I am just trying to manage expectations, that laptop was never made for AAA gaming.


Then how come I was able to run mass effect 1 and grand theft auto vice city

Grand Theft Auto IV
Unreal Tournament 2004
Quake IV
Doom 3

All of those could be made to play but your still looking at 768p and lowest settings, that isn't exactly something really enjoyable especially since your looking below 30fps.

Far Cry 2
Left 4 Dead 2

You would need to run the lowest settings and 720p and maybe you could go more than a few minutes before the graphics driver crashes and reboots your entire system.

A Laptop with a 3200u, on the other hand, will run everything on that list far above 40fps and some of them back to 1080p all for around $250.

MOTILE 14" for example gives you a 128gb M.2 SSD with a slot open for a 2nd M.2 SSD and two memory slots that can run up to 16GB of DDR4 3200. The base unit comes with a 3200u and 4GB of 3200mhz RAM for $230. Most all the N4000 laptops out don't allow you any upgrade potential at all, have half the performance along with costing more, the same goes for the upgraded N5000.


Okay well, I have nothing to do this weekend soo...

600p-768p Low settings and Fps is close enough to 30fps to be playable.

Doom 3 BFG "2012" All I have, it's playable but a bit laggy" This is the HD remaster with higher requirements.
Borderlands 1+2
Devil May Cry 1+2+3
Euro Truck Simulator 1+2
Fallout 1+2+3
Fallout New Vegas "Can be laggy in dense areas"
Just Cause 1
Just Cause 2 "With periods of lag"
Farcry 1
Farcry 2 "With lots of tweaking and lag"
Mafia 1
Mafia 2 "Laggy"
Silent Hill 1+2+3+4
Silent Hill Homecoming "random Lag"
The Elder Scrolls 1+2+3+4 "4 with some random lag"
GTA 4 "Can be laggy"
Quake 1-4
Quake Wars "Can be laggy"
Dirt 1+2
Diirt 3 "Laggy and choppy not that enjoyable"
Crysis 1+2 "Both are playable as single player but lag in multiplayer"
Bioshock 1
Bioshock 2 "With Lag"
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2 "600p with okayish random lag"
Tomb raider everything up to Underworld

There is a pattern here, anything from 2009 and below can be made to run but titles that hit 2010 start to become an issue. The main problem you're going to have will be the iGPU sharing your system RAM, by default Windblows is going to take half of it so be wary on everything else running on the PC while you game.

I no longer have any more free game codes thanks to this 🤣